Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About me!

I am linking up with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup today!

Hi i'm Candace

I'm the author of this here blog and I am happy to meet you!

Life As A Candy Cane is about my life as a single gal, living in the south! I am a nurse and I am currently working at my very first "big girl job" and I absolutely love it!

I still live at home with my parents and have no plans on leaving anytime soon, because I have a lot of bills to pay and am trying to save money

You will hear a lot about my family, friends, my little cousins who I call my babies, the color purple (my fave), work, trying to lose weight, trying to eat healthy, my rantings about being single and hating it, tons of link-ups, meeting tons of new friends, and plenty of other things! Come check out my blog to find out more!

My fave colors are purple, pink, and blue 

I love peppermint and eat it all the time, I make candy with it too! 

I love to bake even though I don't have much time for it anymore! 

I love to READ! I love my Kindle and read all the time! I read anything that I think is interesting! 
A list of my fave books: Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Nicholas Sparks, Mary Higgins Clark, A collection called Romancing America and many, many more!

I am a hopeless romantic and am waiting on my prince charming

I love food, even though it doesn't seem to love me

I am a natural blonde, but I change my hair color all the time
Blue eyes that I love
Freckles that i'm not so fond of
and Pale skin that I wish would tan

So thats all for now, I hope you enjoy and will come check me out!

My puppy Koda



Libby said...

Aw cute post. Love your quote on god saving you for someone special. I agree 100% :)

Renee said...

Koda is so cute!! And I too have pale skin. It's never going to tan though! Keep your head up girl. Your prince charming is around somewhere!

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