Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wish {Out Loud}

Ok ok ok, I know I didn't do this post yesterday when I said I would but i'm here today to do it. So I didn't blog yesterday because my mom and I were decorating the house all day for Christmas!

*ok so I was gonna post a pic of my mom and me, but I cant find the one i'm looking for so I will post it once I find it.

Ok so as promised I am linking up with Robin from Fly Far. Fly Free and doing the Wish {Out Loud} link up party. It's all about what you wish you could make happen in this world!

Ok so I have thought long and hard about what I would wish for if I could make something possible for this world we live in. I decided that I want to wish for something for children, bc children are my passion and I love every opportunity I get to be apart of a child's life. So my wish is that no child ever go hungry, be abused or mistreated, or be without a family. Now I what your probably thinking, your thinking "Candace, get real that will never happen", I know this is a crazy wish, but it's something that I would love to happen. So this is what I want all of my lovely bloggy ladies to do. I want each of you to find some food in your pantry and cupboards and donate to a local food bank or shelter. Oh, I would also like to encourage you, when your out Christmas shopping these next few days, buying presents for  the kiddos in your life that you also pick up one for a child less fortunate or for a millitary family who may not have much bc of deployments or deaths in the family. Every little bit helps and makes a child hold on to their innocence a little bit longer by believing in Santa Claus and the general good in everyday ppl. Who wouldn't want to help a child in need and help to make them believe in good a little bit longer. Thanks for listening to me ramble on, but this is something I truly believe in, bc children are our most valuable asset and we need to do everything we can to show them that!

Ok so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pics of all of our decorations that we have been working on.

Have a great night!!

Much love, Candace

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ramblings on a cold, rainy day

Ok so I know its been a couple of days since I blogged last, soooooo today will just be kinda random!

* I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, I did. Mine was spent at my granny's house helping my parents remodel her bathroom and bedroom. Oh and this has been an ongoing process we started about 2 weeks ago and we still aren't quite finished. So here are some pics to show what we did! Oh I wasn't much help over thanksgiving bc I was super sick, but I did help in the 2 weeks before!

Ok so here is the before:
(This is the bedroom, we stripped the wallpaper off)

Now the after:

(Love the color!)

(we aren't done with the cabinet, gonna sand it down & re-paint it)

(love the chair, sorry its sideways)

Ok so there is all of our hard work at the granny's house!

*Oh and yes I am one of those crazy ppl who was out shopping @ midnight on black friday and the next day!

* I want to again thank all of my wonderful, precious blog followers and new friends, your comments mean the world to me and your comments make me feel all warm inside, which I needed today bc it is cold and rainy!

* So today I have started my goal to try to eat better, although I can't workout though bc I am still a little under the weather, so I will be updating on my progress, so keep me accountable!

* So I know most of my followers are newlyweds or in long-term relationships, I just have to vent for a minute. I am so tired of being single!!!!!!! Its the same thing every time I get on facebook, more and more ppl are getting engaged or having babies and it makes me want to cry :( I am not getting any younger here ppl!! I'm not super picky, i'm just looking for a sweet, southern gentleman who is a man of God! I just get really tired of hearing "don't worry you have plenty of time, you don't really wanna get married yet have fun being single". Ok enough venting, just needed to let that go!

* I still have not heard anything from my job yet, but i'm not giving up hope! Hopefully I will hear something in the next few days! God has the perfect job out there for me and I will wait on his timing!

Ok so I think thats about it! Join me tomorrow as I do my very first link up with Robin from Flying Far, Fly Free on Wish (out loud)! I am super excited so go to her page or mine and link up your Wish (Out Loud)!!

Have a great night!!

Love Love Candace

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone in BlogWorld!! I hope everyone has a fabulous day and that you remember all of your blessings that God has blessed you with!

ps. When you get back from the holidays, all stuffed with food and exhausted from shopping, drop me a line on what you did, who you did it with, and if you had a nice holiday!

pss. Today is a special day for Megan over @ Mackey Madness, bc its her Birthday! So all you ladies out there please wish her a very special birthday!

With Love and Thanksgiving, Candace

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Being sick is no fun :(

Ok so I really hate being sick, as i'm sure everyone else does too. Anyways i'm getting ready to go out of town and now I have a sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, and body aches = a not very happy Candace :( 
My cousin called me today and I told her it was her children's fault that I am now sick, she laughed and said yep and they are still sick too! So here is a pic of me being sick
(Lovely isn't it, ugh I have a horrible double chin!)

Anyways, Ladies I want you to know I haven't forgotten about you but my email is being insane and will not let me open and emails or return, so as soon as I can I promise I will email each and everyone of you back!

Ok ladies on another note I need some help!!! I am completely lost on this whole blog thing. Any suggestions how to make my blog a better place will be greatly appreciated! I love reading each and everyone of y'alls blogs and I wanna know how to make mine a better place!

ps. I really need to lose some weight, be on the look out for a blog about that starting on monday, since i'm sick and its thanksgiving week

pss. still no word on the job yet, but i'm not worried. I am relying on the Lord and his timing is perfect so I will be still and know he is God!

love love ladies!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hit the road Jack and i'm finally back home!

So I am back from Florida and I'm so happy to see my bed, oh whats that you say you didn't know I was in Florida, well thats ok because I didn't tell anyone (lol)! So I just want to thank the amazing ladies who are now following my blog and who left me some of the sweetest comments! You have no idea how happy they made me and grateful I feel to know you joined me in this little corner of the blogging world!

Ok ok enough mushy stuff!

So I was in florida all weekend visiting my family down there. I love getting to see my sweet, smart, (harry potter looking) little cousin Alex; my precious, sweet, smiley baby cousin Liam; and my lovely, artistic cousin Stephanie. I love spending time with these three people more than anything! We had a great time hanging out all weekend and didnt really do a whole lot and thats when you have the best time. Stephanie is my only cousin on my mom's side and I cherish all the time I get to spend with her, we are 5 years apart in age (she is older) and we have alot in common. I especially love when I get to let her experiment with my hair! Alex is my lil cousin and he is 4, he is my heart and we have a very special bond. I'm his monkey and he is mine, he calls me monkey instead of my name, I have had him all his life because they lived with us when he was little and we keep him periodically. Liam is the baby and he is 5 months old, he my precious new little man that I love getting to watch grow up. Babies are just so much fun! My mom and I came home today and man am I tired and now I have a sore throat, bc all of my babies were sick! Yuck! 

Anyways, again I just wanted to say thank you so much ladies for all the support and encouragement

Ps. can anyone tell me how to comment back on the comments you fabulous ladies have sent me?

love love, Candace 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sunshine and Wind

Hello blogworld peeps! Today has been a fabulous day and I want to share with you all the fabulousness that I have been met with! So to start off I get woken up at 9 something, which in my book is entirely too early! So anyways the phone call was about a job interview for tomorrow before I go see my cousins. After that I get up and start my day, which means I get on my computer, then I call about another job I had heard about and got an interview for today! I was super excited, but in a super rush! I got a shower in less than 10 mins which is like a record for me! I actually got dressed and ready in all of 30 mins, which is another record for me. It generally takes me forever to get ready bc I have a lot of hair and it doesn't usually cooperate. Anyways, so I hop in the car and drive an hour to it and wind up there for about 2 hours and the lady was so sweet and super super nice! Anyways she basically told me she was gonna push my app through and encourage them to hire me! SO EXCITED!!!! I should hear something definite hopefully next week, and then I have to take a skills test but im not worried bout it! So basically my day rocked! Oh and my mama come back from outta town today and im super happy! Oh about my interview tomorrow im not going bc i found out its in a really bad part of town, so oh well! Anywho, I get to see my little cousins tomorrow and im super super excited!! I wont be on here for a few days, but I will return! 

Have a super great weekend!! :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In The Beginning

So this is my first ever blog post and i'm super excited to be here! I have been reading other people's blogs for a couple of months and finally took the plunge to make my own. I am in the process of trying to find my first ever big girl job, as a nurse! I am super excited to start this new chapter in my life and hopefully it will be an exciting one! Anyways, I hope everyone has had a fabulous day!
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