Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wish {Out Loud}

Ok ok ok, I know I didn't do this post yesterday when I said I would but i'm here today to do it. So I didn't blog yesterday because my mom and I were decorating the house all day for Christmas!

*ok so I was gonna post a pic of my mom and me, but I cant find the one i'm looking for so I will post it once I find it.

Ok so as promised I am linking up with Robin from Fly Far. Fly Free and doing the Wish {Out Loud} link up party. It's all about what you wish you could make happen in this world!

Ok so I have thought long and hard about what I would wish for if I could make something possible for this world we live in. I decided that I want to wish for something for children, bc children are my passion and I love every opportunity I get to be apart of a child's life. So my wish is that no child ever go hungry, be abused or mistreated, or be without a family. Now I what your probably thinking, your thinking "Candace, get real that will never happen", I know this is a crazy wish, but it's something that I would love to happen. So this is what I want all of my lovely bloggy ladies to do. I want each of you to find some food in your pantry and cupboards and donate to a local food bank or shelter. Oh, I would also like to encourage you, when your out Christmas shopping these next few days, buying presents for  the kiddos in your life that you also pick up one for a child less fortunate or for a millitary family who may not have much bc of deployments or deaths in the family. Every little bit helps and makes a child hold on to their innocence a little bit longer by believing in Santa Claus and the general good in everyday ppl. Who wouldn't want to help a child in need and help to make them believe in good a little bit longer. Thanks for listening to me ramble on, but this is something I truly believe in, bc children are our most valuable asset and we need to do everything we can to show them that!

Ok so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post pics of all of our decorations that we have been working on.

Have a great night!!

Much love, Candace


Megan said...

Awww, your wish is so wonderful!!! So selfless and I love it!!

Robin said...

Candace, I am so happy you participated in Wish! {out loud} and your wish is a beautiful one. I hope people do help children in need, especially during this upcoming holiday season. Thank you so much for linking up and I hope you'll continue to do so this Sunday.
The wish can be something big and beautiful like what you posted about. Or it can be a wish you have for yourself!
I look forward to hearing more!!

Deidre said...

This is a fantastic wish and I hope that I can help out in someway this year along these lines!

Happy wishing.

Ashley Marie said...

Thanks for joining up with us for the link up! I'm Ashley from Chickadette.

As a victim of all three happenings on your list (hungry, abused, and alone) I sincerely appreciate this wish.

It's a goal of mine to do more one day, in support of charities combating each of these!

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