Monday, November 21, 2011

Hit the road Jack and i'm finally back home!

So I am back from Florida and I'm so happy to see my bed, oh whats that you say you didn't know I was in Florida, well thats ok because I didn't tell anyone (lol)! So I just want to thank the amazing ladies who are now following my blog and who left me some of the sweetest comments! You have no idea how happy they made me and grateful I feel to know you joined me in this little corner of the blogging world!

Ok ok enough mushy stuff!

So I was in florida all weekend visiting my family down there. I love getting to see my sweet, smart, (harry potter looking) little cousin Alex; my precious, sweet, smiley baby cousin Liam; and my lovely, artistic cousin Stephanie. I love spending time with these three people more than anything! We had a great time hanging out all weekend and didnt really do a whole lot and thats when you have the best time. Stephanie is my only cousin on my mom's side and I cherish all the time I get to spend with her, we are 5 years apart in age (she is older) and we have alot in common. I especially love when I get to let her experiment with my hair! Alex is my lil cousin and he is 4, he is my heart and we have a very special bond. I'm his monkey and he is mine, he calls me monkey instead of my name, I have had him all his life because they lived with us when he was little and we keep him periodically. Liam is the baby and he is 5 months old, he my precious new little man that I love getting to watch grow up. Babies are just so much fun! My mom and I came home today and man am I tired and now I have a sore throat, bc all of my babies were sick! Yuck! 

Anyways, again I just wanted to say thank you so much ladies for all the support and encouragement

Ps. can anyone tell me how to comment back on the comments you fabulous ladies have sent me?

love love, Candace 


Lyndsay said...

To respond to comments....on your blogger dashboard, click on the little down arrow next to your blog name, and it will display a drop down list. From the list, pick settings. Then select mobile and email from the menu on the left side of the screen. Once that tab opens, you will see a field titled "comment notification email." Type your email address in that field and click save settings. Now, you'll receive an email notification each time someone leaves a comment, and you'll be able to email each person back. :)

Lyndsay @ Simply Lyndsay

Tatiana said...

I'm so glad you had a great time with your family and that your back home safely :-)

PS: thank you for your sweet comment today :-)

Megan said...

Lyndsay explained it perfectly! Hope you feel better!!

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