Monday, November 28, 2011

Ramblings on a cold, rainy day

Ok so I know its been a couple of days since I blogged last, soooooo today will just be kinda random!

* I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, I did. Mine was spent at my granny's house helping my parents remodel her bathroom and bedroom. Oh and this has been an ongoing process we started about 2 weeks ago and we still aren't quite finished. So here are some pics to show what we did! Oh I wasn't much help over thanksgiving bc I was super sick, but I did help in the 2 weeks before!

Ok so here is the before:
(This is the bedroom, we stripped the wallpaper off)

Now the after:

(Love the color!)

(we aren't done with the cabinet, gonna sand it down & re-paint it)

(love the chair, sorry its sideways)

Ok so there is all of our hard work at the granny's house!

*Oh and yes I am one of those crazy ppl who was out shopping @ midnight on black friday and the next day!

* I want to again thank all of my wonderful, precious blog followers and new friends, your comments mean the world to me and your comments make me feel all warm inside, which I needed today bc it is cold and rainy!

* So today I have started my goal to try to eat better, although I can't workout though bc I am still a little under the weather, so I will be updating on my progress, so keep me accountable!

* So I know most of my followers are newlyweds or in long-term relationships, I just have to vent for a minute. I am so tired of being single!!!!!!! Its the same thing every time I get on facebook, more and more ppl are getting engaged or having babies and it makes me want to cry :( I am not getting any younger here ppl!! I'm not super picky, i'm just looking for a sweet, southern gentleman who is a man of God! I just get really tired of hearing "don't worry you have plenty of time, you don't really wanna get married yet have fun being single". Ok enough venting, just needed to let that go!

* I still have not heard anything from my job yet, but i'm not giving up hope! Hopefully I will hear something in the next few days! God has the perfect job out there for me and I will wait on his timing!

Ok so I think thats about it! Join me tomorrow as I do my very first link up with Robin from Flying Far, Fly Free on Wish (out loud)! I am super excited so go to her page or mine and link up your Wish (Out Loud)!!

Have a great night!!

Love Love Candace


Erin said...

What a beautiful job y'all did on that bathroom! Wow! It just looks perfect and the color is fantastic! I have stripped wallpaper before and it is NOT easy. When we bought a house I made sure it didn't have any wallpaper in it because I wasn't going to do it again :)

I'm sorry you're so frustrated about being single. I've been there and it isn't too fun. I met my husband on a catholic dating site. Have you thought about trying a Christian one? (I'm going to assume you're not Catholic- most people aren't these days) ;)

Anyway! I'm glad you posted again and I'm looking forward to reading more!

Praying for you always!

Megan said...

That bathroom looks amazing!! WOW!! Y'all did great!! And seriously, I know it's frustrating still being single. My best friend had an engagement fall apart recently and she is having a pretty tough time with it. : ( Praying for you!!

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