Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness Friday

So today is another episode of Fitness Friday with Kelly @Today Was A Fairytale and myself!

Starting weight: 232 

Today’s weight: 226

Difference from last week: -3 pounds

Total weight loss: 6 pounds

What I found easy this week: I found it pretty easy to eat healthy, but I have had some cravings that I had to make sure to not give into. I have been keeping up with all my food in MyFitnessPal as well! You can follow me @ PurpleBug23

What I found hard this week: I didn't get to exercise again this week due to some severe headaches. Hopefully I can start next week on the Couch25K. I have been craving chips like crazy this week! I am trying not to eat any so in a couple of weeks I wont crave them anymore!

Goal for next week: to exercise at least 4 days next week running! Wish me luck because i'm gonna need it!
My first goal: 30 pounds

My Reward: a new tattoo!

I hope y'all will link-up with us and tell us about your fitness journey!

I am hoping to have a new tattoo by the end of april!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fitness Friday

Ok everybody so today is the finally the day!!!!!!!

Today is the first official day of Fitness Friday, the link up with me and Kelly of Today Was A Fairytale 

Ok so here is the format:

Starting weight: 232 

Today’s weight: 229

Difference from last week: -3 pounds

What I found easy this week: I found it pretty easy to eat healthy, but I have had some cravings that I had to make sure to not give into. I crave salty, crunchy food, (ie. chips, fries, and chicken nuggets) I have done well though and have only had fries once! Yay go me! I have been keeping up with all my food in MyFitnessPal as well!

What I found hard this week: I didn't get to exercise this week because of a migraine that lasted since sunday till today, so I had wanted to start the Couch25K but I will hopefully get to start next week. 
Goal for next week: to exercise at least 4 days next week running! Wish me luck because i'm gonna need it!
My first goal: 30 pounds

My Reward: a new tattoo!

Now everyone go link-up your progress or even if its your first time reading about it! I am super excited to have this link-up and be accountable with Kelly and y'all to keep me on track!
Please don't be afraid to be truthful about your weight struggles, it will free you to honest and open with yourself and others! I didn't want to put my real weight, but I did and I hope that by posting it that I can help someone else to feel the encouragement and power to start their weight loss journey!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

So I am linking up with Michelle again for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday!

So lets get this party started!!

I want to try this because I eat ALOT of Ranch!

So cute, I want this!

I really really want these!

Gonna do this with my little cousin while he is here! 

All of these can be found on my boards here !!

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Sweets Swap

Ok so I am super excited about this post today! I am showing off all of my goodies from the Spring Sweets Swap, hosted by Stress Casey and Shellsea!

I was paired up with Kelly @ Today Was A Fairytale, we have gotten to know each other really well and are even starting a fitness link-up on Fridays starting this week!
She and I have discovered we are so much alike, she is basically my west coast twin! After we emailed each other a couple of times, we started texting and have been ever since! We have become good friends! I am very thankful for this swap because I have made an amazing new friend!

So we told each other our favorite treats and this is what I got!

So Kelly found this blog planner on Pinterest and was all like I made this new planner and its so neat! I was told her to lemme know where she got it from and when I opened my package there it was! I am so excited to start using it!

I absolutely love these candies!

Skittles I love, Reese's are basically the only chocolate I eat, and Mike & Ike are my faves!

I absolutely love Mike & Ike!!!

Thank you so much Kelly for the amazing package, I am so glad I got to meet you and am so happy we have become friends!

Casey and Shellsea thank you so much for hosting this fabulous swap! I can't wait to do another one!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Fitness Friday


Ok so Kelly from Today Was A Fairy Tale and I have decided to do a link up on Fridays called Fitness Friday. We will be discussing our weight, how much we wanna lose, how much we lose each week, the exercises we do, our struggles, what we did right, what we did wrong and everything else in between! We are super excited to start this link up! We both have been discussing our need to lose weight, but haven't found the motivation to do it yet. So we made plan and decided to include all of you in it as well. You can link up with the same things we do and hopefully we can all become healthier, happier people!

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago describing my issues with my weight and my unhappiness with life, so now im here to encourage you to join in with me to change our lives. Were not going on a diet, we are making a life change. Kelly is getting married pretty soon and needs to fit into her dress, it fits but is a little snug, I just want to be healthier. Diabetes runs in my family and I need to lose weight so I don't run such an increased risk of developing it. I have done many diets and have lost about 35 pounds before, but now I have gained it back and more. I blame most of mine on the effects of nursing school and a significant death in my family. I have struggled with my weight since about my junior year in high school. I am ready to break the cycle and become the person I was meant to be, not the fat girl with a pretty face that everyone sees now. 

Kelly and I are both using MyFitnessPal to track our calorie intake, exercise, and weight goals. You can friend us on their and we can encourage each other! My username is purplebug23 and kelly's is KellyB02

We are super excited to be starting this new journey in our lives! We hope you will join in with us to make a new life!

Next Friday will be the official start of the link-up, with a format and everything for how to link-up! I hope you link up with us today so we can see how many ppl are wanting to join in with us! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday

Ok so I am linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! 
I absolutely love this link-up and I can't wait for y'all to see my pins!

Ok so here we go!

I am in love with these, they are so pretty and bright! I want them!

because i'm pretty much obsessed! 

I need these for when i'm lazy like normal and run errands

I want this more than anything! Ah love!

Totally Me! I did this the other day

Nom Nom Nom Chick-Fil-A Nuggets recipe

I totally love this because i'm a nurse!

Totally need this for the Summer! Love it!


I love this and am trying to live by it!

Totally am gonna have this in (or outside) my house


I totally agree with this 100%

Why not me? hmm good question


Childhood obsession! loved this show!

I need to know where to buy this, NOW!

Uncle Tommy I miss you so much and I hope you are up there looking down on me, I love you!

Because I thought I needed to know how to do this for one day

I need a vacation here like now!

I hope you enjoyed my pins and all of this can be found on my boards here
Have a great day!

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