Friday, March 9, 2012


So I know i haven't been around since like Tuesday, but its with good reason. I worked two 12 hour shifts on wednesday and thursday, both while very very sick. I had my co-worker give me a shot in the butt on wednesday bc I felt terrible. It helped a little bit and then I came home and went straight to bed. Thursday  was even worse so my doctor called me in some antibiotics and my sweet sweet mommy brought them and some fabulous Chick-Fil-a to me at work. 
I'm pretty sure I scared all my patients into getting through triage quickly and getting out of the office!
I was a hot mess, literally and figuratively!
So this weekend I am laying low, sleeping, reading, and watching movies. 
The only reason I will be getting out of the house this weekend is to go find my sister from another mister her spring sweets swap goodies! I hope kelly likes what I get her! 

I will fill everyone in what I get her and what I get! I am super excited!
Until then, have a great night!


Renee said...

Oh that's really crap!! I hope you get to have a good relax this weekend and start to feel better soon!!

Renee said...

Oh that's really crap!! I hope you get to relax this weekend, and start to feel better soon!!

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

Feel better!!!

Amanda Faith said...

I am glad you're not sick anymore! And.. I'm pretty sure you changed your layout since last time I checked your blog from my laptop. Loving it!

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