Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ok so I am super, super excited to be linking up with Renee and Anna for a day of telling all about our nursing stories!

So I am a new nurse working on my own now. I work at an Immediate Care Center and I absolutely love my job and the amazing people I work with! 
Here is a pics for proof!

*Ok so here is a warning, if you get grossed out easily, you may wanna quit reading now!

So I have been working at my job for about 3 months now and I have seen my share of nasty, weird, smelly stuff. But NEVER have I experienced what I did last week! 

A young girl came in acting a little odd, so when I went to triage her she informed me something was "stuck up high in there" I was like what? Dumb blonde moment for me! So she goes all red and says "I think I lost a tampon up there", I was like okay. She of course had brought a friend and they were acting goofy. So I put her in a room and inform the doc and he's like great (insert sarcasm here). So we go in grab some forceps and pull it out. Thankfully it had only been in there for a night, so it wasn't too nasty. So I was like ok got that over with and of course the other nurse working with me was giving me a hard time bout it!

About 4 days later I get another one, except this was a lady about 40ish and it had been in there for a week! I was like man you've got to be kidding me! This was my 2nd one in like a week! My co-worker chooses to inform me that I am now cursed with tampons, bc anytime you have 2 of something it means your cursed! To top it all off I am super, super sick. I am not looking forward to it! (again insert if you get grossed out easily stop reading) So I grabbed masks, a speculum, ky jelly, forceps, and tucks pads galore. The doc is like I don't need a mask it wont be too bad. He told me to get in and get out QUICK. I wear a mask and tell said pt its bc i'm sick to make her feel better. When she undressed you could smell the odor then. My eyes were burning and my nose was running from the smell, it was terrible. Doc gets it out and other stuff comes out with it (insert grossness here). Doc rushes out and I am left to clean up with horrid smell! So I clean up ASAP and get out! She dresses and leaves. Insert we had to open every window, door, and air we could find in the building. I swear we saw smoke coming from under the door it smelled so bad! I had to close off the room, after lysoling and febreezing it down. I had to close off the lab from the smell. The bag I took out of room had to be put in a bio hazard and placed in box outside. We febrezzed the whole office, me and other nurse were hanging out the window trying to get away from the smell! Needless to say I felt much worse after the fiasco and I thought I was sick before! 

So there you have it, my first brush with lost tampons and the nastiness that accompanies it! Ok ladies I wanna know, how in the heck do you lose a tampon in your body, especially if it has a string on it? How do you forget that its in there? Have any of you experienced this first hand or had patients who have done this?

I want to reiterate what Renee put on her blog for new students and new grads!

*Ask questions to whoever will listen and answer appropriately! Its better to ask and make sure your right than to be wrong and endanger a patient

* Love what you do or you will hate every minute of nursing

* Find a place to work that you really enjoy and makes you feel like you are doing something good for someone else!

* Always be willing to help out whenever possible, no matter how small the task

*If you have a bad day remember that tomorrow is a new day and it will always be completely different in the world of sick ppl

*Make friends with your co-workers bc trust me you will be seeing them more than you see your family in most cases

*Make friends in nursing school, bc those will be some of the most important friendships you will have, even after school is over!

I miss my nursing class friends, but I have made 3 amazing friends from it that I talk to daily!

Now that I have written a completely long post, I will say goodbye!


Amanda Faith said...

OMG. A week? A tampon for a week? GROSS. When I was little I plugged our toliet up with tampons, hahaha. Thank you for the encouraging words and advice. :)

Anna said...

ugh. bad hygiene lady smell is the WORST! (a close second is GI bleed smell). I can't believe you had 2 in a week! haha, your description of the 'de-ordorizing' afterward is awesome. :) (Thanks for linking up!)

Renee said...

Aww Candace I thought this post was seriously great! :) Love love love the advice for new grads! And really like just thinking about that smell really makes me want to gag. Ooooh I do not envy you one single bit! haha. I'm glad I finally got to hear a little more about your new job! I've been so behind on reading blogs lately! I haven't forgotten about you though! :) And I like the new background!

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