Friday, March 23, 2012

Fitness Friday

Ok everybody so today is the finally the day!!!!!!!

Today is the first official day of Fitness Friday, the link up with me and Kelly of Today Was A Fairytale 

Ok so here is the format:

Starting weight: 232 

Today’s weight: 229

Difference from last week: -3 pounds

What I found easy this week: I found it pretty easy to eat healthy, but I have had some cravings that I had to make sure to not give into. I crave salty, crunchy food, (ie. chips, fries, and chicken nuggets) I have done well though and have only had fries once! Yay go me! I have been keeping up with all my food in MyFitnessPal as well!

What I found hard this week: I didn't get to exercise this week because of a migraine that lasted since sunday till today, so I had wanted to start the Couch25K but I will hopefully get to start next week. 
Goal for next week: to exercise at least 4 days next week running! Wish me luck because i'm gonna need it!
My first goal: 30 pounds

My Reward: a new tattoo!

Now everyone go link-up your progress or even if its your first time reading about it! I am super excited to have this link-up and be accountable with Kelly and y'all to keep me on track!
Please don't be afraid to be truthful about your weight struggles, it will free you to honest and open with yourself and others! I didn't want to put my real weight, but I did and I hope that by posting it that I can help someone else to feel the encouragement and power to start their weight loss journey!

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