Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Back

So I know I have been gone for most of the summer, but I am back now! I have been super busy all summer taking care of my little cousins, working, doing school work, and just having fun!

I am going to try my best to be back full time from now on, but it may not happen all the time. I have tried to start back before now, but have been unable to bring myself to put forth the effort this blog requires. But I feel I am back to a place where I can be here more often. We have been dealing with a lot as a family this summer and my mind has been anywhere but set in reality.  I have been escaping into the world of my books and movies. 

Am I the only person who re-reads their favorite books even if they have just read them? 

Anyways, I just wanted everyone to know that I'M BACK!!

Love y'all!!!!

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