Thursday, November 1, 2012

I was in Heaven, now not so much

So today I did something i've never done before, I got a MASSAGE!!

It was the most relaxing experience of my life! I was in heaven!

It was a little painful to begin with, but then I was loosened up and it felt so good. 
She told me I was super tense and that I had a lot of knots in my neck, hips, shoulders, and feet.
Because of being a nurse I kind of expected most of this, bc of being on my feet all day and all that jazz. She recommended a chiropractor also, anybody ever been to one? 

The atmosphere was amazing as well. She had candles burning, nature music playing, and the bed sheets were heated. The sheets were great bc it was kinda cold in the room. 

Needless to say it was a very relaxing hour and I will definitely be getting another one soon!

I also signed my mom up for one next week! She is excited too!

Now onto the not so much part, I am now in pain from how much kneading she did on my neck and shoulders. I can hardly move my neck or shoulders, bc they are sore from all the knots she was trying to alleviate. 
But on a good note I think i'll be able to sleep tonight. Oh yeah thats right y'all don't know, but I have been battling some intense INSOMNIA! I haven't been sleeping good and i'm tired all the time!!! It's terrible and I feel worthless most of the time. But my massage therapist told me to take a bath in lavender epsom salts before bedtime, so i'm gonna try that later this week. Its suppose to release the toxins in your body and lull you into sleep, we shall see ;) I will let y'all know how it works!

Have a great Friday!

ps. I am praying for all of y'all that were in the path of Sandy and I hope your all well!


Renee said...

Lavender bath salt is my favorite! I've only gotten a massage once and liked it but felt the same as you.. Sore after! Hope all is well sweet girl!

Hillary said...

Just popping over from Kelly's Korner and thought I would introduce myself. I'm Hillary from London ON Canada- 2 hours from Toronto. After I read your post about your massage I pretty much was like 'heck yes!' I absolutely love massages (and pedicures) but rarely get them due to the cost. Glad you had one and loved every minute of it too. Looking forward to reading your blog. Have an awesome weekend ahead

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