Monday, April 16, 2012

My Weekend

Ok so I know I have been MIA a lot lately, but its for a good reason! I have been super busy with work and hanging out with my little cousins! 
So now I will post some pics about why I have been gone!

Ok first off how cute are these? My mom made them for my niece and now I want some bows to accompany my blue blob uniforms I have to wear to work!
Alex jumping on the trampoline

lol my fat tail trying to jump with him

Liam sticking his tongue out!

So cute!

Dying easter eggs (it was his first time)

Monkey mixing it up for him

So proud of himself!

The colored deviled eggs!

Yum my fave!

Easter Day!

Hanging out on Uncle's truck

Playing with his big toys!

My Harry Potter Look-Alike

Sink bath time!

We did it gangsta style here!

Shh.... The baby is sleeping in his swing!
All in all I had a fabulous week/weekend! I love my little cousins so much and I miss them a lot now, but they will be back soon! 

I am going to try to put forth more effort into my blog and make it what I really want it to be!
Have a great day loves!


Holly said...

Those are ridiculously cute shoes! I especially love the purple ones! :)

Anonymous said...

You've been nominated for a blog award!!! Check it out...

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