Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Friday

So I know I didn't post fitness Friday last week and I didn't do it today and I'm sorry! :(

It has been a crazy couple of weeks and I fell off the wagon, I gained 2 pounds :(

So today I ordered Turbo Jam from Beach Body and I am super excited to get it next week! I did my research and I think this is the best option for me at this point. I have been running but I need new running shoes and since I live in a podunk town I have to drive and hour to get to a decent shoe store. Hopefully I'll be able to go soon and get some new ones bc mine just ain't cutting it, I got a blister wed!

So anyways I will be updating my progress and will once again be hosting a fitness Friday!
Please join up with me if you would like too!

Wow I have posted 4 times this week, I am proud of myself! :)

So I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Much Love!

Here is a quote to encourage you!

I have definitely been through this lately and it is so true!

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