Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Deco

Ok so I finally have the pics for all of my Christmas Deco! So my mom and I have been basically working on this for the past week/weekend. We just finished tonight and still aren't quite done with the outside yet. So I was gonna do a what I did over the weekend post, but as you can see this is basically it. Oh we did go shopping saturday and go to Family Day @ my dad's guard unit, but other than that nothing but Christmas stuff done! I did get to read a book on my Kindle and I am almost done with it and super ready to finish it, bc it is so good! Anyways, without further ado, here is my house decorated by my mom and me (oh my dad helped us some, lol)!

(Our Little Carolers)

(Manger Scene)

(Mini Tree)

(Another Mini Tree)

(Purple Christmas Tree in living room)

(White & Red Christmas Tree in living room)

(Candles, Tinsel, & Lights oh my!)

(Our front porch, with my dad in the living room lol)

(I would LOVE a White Christmas)

(Santa in the living room)

(Our BIG Christmas Tree, I got to get a real one this year and I got to pick it out, so its a 7-8 foot tree!)

(My deco on top of my fireplace)

(My FABULOUS PURPLE Tree, on my dresser)

(My Nutcracker)

(My Mom's gorgeous wreath she made, oh excuse the image of me)
So there ya have it folks, my house decor in about a million pics (really its only 16, but whateve) So I hope you enjoy and sorry for picture overload!

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