Monday, January 9, 2012

Good News

Hello my bloggy friends, do you remember who I am? Lol of course you do I am the nut from Life as a Candy Cane! So today I am going to explain to you the reason for the name! 

But first please pray for me tomorrow, bc I am going to meet the owner of this new clinic that I am hoping to get a job at! She called me today and told me to come in for a callback and she is pretty positive, so she wants me to meet the owner while she is in town! I am super excited! I hope it goes well! I will let y'all know something when I know something!

So it all started when my bff Lisa saw my angry and fiesty not so nice side and the name was born. So as you know my name is Candace, so she began to call me CandyCane after seeing my not so nice side. She said that my red side was the fiesty, sassy, sarcastic side and the white side was my innocent, sweet, and nice side. SO from then on I was known as candy cane, it eventually moved on to Cane. 

So I cannot find any pics of me and my bestie at the moment so when I can I will upload one!

So I know this post is kinda lame and spazy, but hey we all have our off days!

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