Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Back!

Ok bloggy friends I am back! Do you remember me? Do I need to reintroduce myself to little ole blog? 
Ok so I know I have been MIA for awhile, but its with good reason, I promise! I have each and everyone of you so much and have spent the last 2 days trying to catch up with everyones NYE, resolutions, and lookback posts! Let me just tell y'all I have read some interesting and fabulous blogs looking back on 2011! But anyways I am back now and will begin blogging again regularly from now on!

So here begins the over view of the past couple of weeks:

So the week before Christmas I had my cousin Steph, alex (4), and liam (6months) at our house with us. That weekend was Christmas, where we had even more family come into our house for the weekend! Around Thursday of that week I started getting sick again! Both of the kids were sick when they got here, so inadvertently I got sick again. Sunday night my granny started getting really sick, by monday morning it was into full blown mode. 

Everyone left our house monday morning and we were glad to get everything back to a sembience of normal. Alex stayed with us, bc we had to drive to Florida the next weekend and take him home. My granny continued to get sicker and sicker and I did too. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got me some good meds and learned I was getting sick so much because I have a blockage in my sinus cavity. So, now I have made an appt with my ENT to see what we can do about this!. Granny kept deteriorating by the hour and we were getting ready to to take her to the ER, but then her doc called her in some meds and we thought she would get better, but by Wednesday morning she looked like death and sounded like it. So at about noon we got her up and took her to the ER, she was admitted with pneumonia and a viral infection and a kidney infection. She was very, very sick!

Meanwhile, my little cousin was at the house so I stayed with him while my mom and dad went to the hospital with her for the next 2 days. On friday we had to leave to go to Florida, because my aunt was getting married on New Years Day. So we left my daddy here with my granny and he brought her home from the hospital. We drove to FL and begin the craziness of wedding preperations! We were able to stay in our own little apartment, thanks to my aunts fabulous landlord! Friday we shopped for dresses, ate dinner, and met new family members. Saturday we went and had manis and pedis! Then to lunch with the bridal party. That night was the rehersal dinner and NYE. Lets just say my date was a 6 month old and we were asleep before 12. Sunday was the wedding and it was craziness! My cousin and her husband were late to the wedding and reception, and she was the one walking my aunt down the aisle, can you say drama! The wedding was nice and the reception went good. We were all ready for bed by 7 pm. My mom was asleep by 8 and I went to my aunts house and watched movies while no one was home and then my cousins come over and we played some games. On monday we left and come and home to sleep!

So needless to say it has been a crazy couple of weeks in my house! and now everyone in my house is sick :(  I am ready for everyone to be well! My granny is feeling better and slowly regaining strength. I am in job looking mode major and seriously need to find one soon! I have an interview on friday, so hopefully something will come of that! My dad told me today that he thinks the Lord has the perfect job and it just hasn't been his timing yet and I agree whole-heartedly! Because I have been praying for a really good job and I know the Lord is preparing the way for me! 

Ok so I know I rambled on alot without any pics, but I felt it was ok since y'all haven't heard from me in so long!

ps. can someone tell me how I can make a button for myself or someone who I can get to make me one? 

pss. can someone tell me how to link my pinterest pics onto my blog? I can't seem to get it to work right!


Renee said...

Hey there! Im new to your blog!! Il be praying for your granny to continue gaining strength!! With the pinterest one, copy the pics URL then go into 'add picture' to your blog. Once that's open you'l see the option to 'add via URL', paste the URL there and that should make the pic show up on your blog post! I hope it works!! Do u have a pic that you want to use for your blog button? My Hubby could give it a go! (He made my ones!) Let me know :) Good Luck job hunting!!

Renee@This Won't Hurt A Bit said...

I'm glad your granny is home! you certainly had an eventful holiday season though! picnik and picasa are both good programs for buttons. picnik you can size it appropriately and the download version of picasa you can add your text and edit and such. good luck with the ent. i unfortunately am very familiar with ent's! ha.

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