Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jury Duty

Ok so I am not here today,  I am at jury duty. I am kinda excited about it because I have never done it before and also because I get to read a book all day (I am such a nerd)! So I will leave you all with some pics! Have a great day and I will check ya later!

haha I love this, its so me!


What my room looks like

happens all the time!

So true

I love this and believe its true!


haha what I need this week!

So true!



This is so what I do

Have a great day!


Holly said...

Hehehe I love the first two, energy saving mode and "keep calm and write a blog". Very clever. :)

Renee@This Won't Hurt A Bit said...

I see you figured out how to post stuff from pinterest! Great blog. Just don't forget to source your images below them or link the actual pic so no one think you are stealing!

Shell said...

I just found you blog. But I JUST starting nursing school on Monday (eek!) Look forward to reading your blog! And I live in GA!

Hope you enjoying your reading today!!

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