Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 1 Day 1

So today begins my workout regimen and overall new lifestyle! I am very happy to be finally doing this. I have been in better shape before and was exercising and losing weight great!  I had lost about 30 pounds and I was loving life and then I got into nursing school and BAM! It all came back and more!

I am fixing to start my brand new big girl job sometime this week, hopefully! I am super excited, but this is my push to start losing weight! So I have signed up with myfitnesspal and have began the Couch25K program. It monitors my food intake, my exercise progress, and my water intake. I am very happy to have help with through this program. If anybody else has any other good programs to try let me know! I am trying to make a lifestyle change not a diet. My mom has diabetes and we do not know where she got it from, bc she was not overweight, so we think it may be genetic and that is not comforting. I need to make a lifestyle change to lower my chances of getting it. So I am working my butt off, literally, and figuratively to lower my chances as much as possible. 

Ok onto happier topics, I have got some new clothes for my new job! All I need now is some new shoes to top it off!

Anyways, check back with me each week for an update on my progress!

If anyone else is doing anything similar let me know and we can encourage each other!

oh here are some funny pics now!

So this is me now!

This is how I feel running!

How I feel when doing weights!

What i'm gonna look like!

Have a great day!

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